Though Balochistan is a territory of infertile lands, deserts and mountains, the Baloch culture is full of customs, expressions and artworks. Balochi embroidery is one of the most well-known arts and specialties which are done by the females. Baluchistan is additionally known for its clans and festivals.

Women's Balochi Suit

The female Balochi suit contains the head scarf, long dress and a shalwar. Generally Balochi ladies wear loose dresses which are embroidered in local designs which include Balochi chain-stitch embroidery by Balochi silk-thread. Balochi embroidery is rich in style distinctively has 118 different basic designs.

Men's Balochi suit

The men's shalwar kameez made up of an exceptionally loose shalwar which uses large lengths of cloth. The kameez is generally loose and long with long sleeves. The Balochi shalwar kameez is like the styles worn in Afghanistan. The present Balochi shalwar kameez supplanted the earlier version which comprised of a robe to the ankles and a shalwar using cloth of up to 40 yards.


Men traditionally wear many different styles of the turban known as the Pagri.