Balochi Food

Balochistan is the region which is very famous for its extraordinary taste in food.The travel industry in this region is highly motivated by either its landscapes or its food. Tourists after returning home from their outing to Balochistan find it difficult to forget the appreciating flavours.Visitors love the food of Balochistan because of its delicious and unique taste. By the time the Baloch hospitality with a rich and mouth-watering feast got mainstream around Pakistan, that even restaurants in other cities are serving these dishes.

Local people of this region love to eat meat. Almost all their dishes are made of beef lamb and goat meat and they also have a very unique way of cooking.Balochistan’s food is also popular for its outstanding taste and specially the way they cook their food.Baloch food has a local change in contrast to the many cuisines of Pakistan.

If you are setting up to visit this beautiful province of Pakistan, then here is a list of some enjoyable must-try Balochi dishes that you must try.


Kaak is actually a variety of Balochi roti which is famous with the name of stone bread. This is the most unique roti that you will ever run over. This roti is prepared by wrapping the dough of wheat around a rock. Kaak is relatively harder than usual rotis which is very popular among Balochis. Kaak is wanted to be eaten with cooked meat like Khaddi Kabab, Dumpukht or Sajji. Local people love to eat it with meat. If you ever plan to visit this city then you must try this special traditional roti.


Sajji is a very famous delightful dish of Balochistan that is made with the whole lamb. It is also available in other cities as well with some changes. So as to experience its original taste, you would need to go to Balochistan. This is one dish that you will even discover in other parts of the world too because it is one of the most popular dishes of Balochistan that people know about and it's cherished all around the world. The meat isn’t prepared with a lot of spices, however the key ingredients of this appetizing food include lamb meat, rice, vinegar, red chili powder, black pepper, salt, garlic paste, ajwain, fennel seeds, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, lemon juice and oil. The original Balochi Sajji that you eat anywhere in Balochistan is filled with rice while in other cities it is prepared without rice. Saji

Khaddi Kabab

Khaddi Kebab is a traditional Balochi food which is one of the top choices of the local people. If you go to Balochistan and not try Khaddi Kabab, you have truly wasted your trip. Since this is one dish that no one but the locals can cook perfectly. It is prepared by barbecuing a whole lamb stuffed with rice in an underground space and put fire on the peak of the iron sheet wrapping the dug space. Rice is also cooked inside the full lamb. Mostly there is raw rice in the stomach of the lamb and the rice is cooked by the fats of the lamb. Not every person can cook this dish in its actual form because it has certain techniques involved in cooking, so Sajji is prepared by very much trained professionals who know the art of cooking this delicious food. It normally weights around 10-12 kg that can be eaten by large number of people at a time. The combination of rice and meat makes this dish too much delicious so that it is extremely difficult to oppose it. DalPakwan


Abgoosht is one of the most traditional and delicious dish that is made with lamb shanks, white beans, chickpeas, onion, tomato, salt, lemon juice, pepper, potato, turmeric, and water. The beans and chickpeas are soaked overnight so that they can cook properly in less time. The ingredients are merged together and cooked until done. It is a quite healthy dish that is prepared without oil. Serving Abgoosht has a special tradition. The stock is served in a bowl with pieces of flat bread soaked in it, then the rest of ingredients such as potatoes, beans, chickpeas and lamb are mashed up and served separately beside with the broth. AlooTuk


Landhi is another delicious local dish of this city. Landhi is actually the meat of lamb that is dried out in summer for use in winters. The meat is saved for almost six months so that it can be fully dried out. It has a sour taste. This unique dish can be just found in Balochistan to eat.


Pirki is basically like paratha, prepared from flour and any type of vegetable or meat, boiled potatoes, spring onions, garlic, salt and black pepper. The vegetable or meat is cooked separately and then set in the covers that are made with flour then its deep fried in the oil to give the final texture. It is very delicious food has a rich flavour and enjoyed by people of this area.

Balochi kahwa

Kahwa is a traditional green tea preparation consumed in Baluchistan, northern Pakistan, and some regions of Central Asia as well as the Kashmir Valley. In Pakistan, it is mostly made in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Gilgit-Baltistan regions. It is a most famous breakfast drink among Kashmiris, generally accompanied with special Kashmiri baked items like girda.


Dumpukht is also a Balochi dish which is prepared by selected cuts of mutton and it is slow cooked in its own fat along with just onion and potatoes. It has become one of the most refined types of cooking in India and Pakistan, despite the fact that the technique is no more than 200 years old. Slow stove means cooking on very low flame, generally in sealed containers, allowing the meats to cook, as much as possible, in their own juices and bone-marrow. Dumpukht