Punjab (the place that is known for five rivers) is the largest land area of Pakistan and is popularly known for its culture. It shares most of its cultural values with Indian culture. According to population, 56% of the total population of the country lived in Punjab Province. It has a total of 36 districts and contributes almost 50-60% of the economy. Punjabi culture is an indication of the bright and vibrant culture and lifestyle of the people. The costumes are a perfect blend of colours, comfort and beauty and Punjab is well known for the use of phulkari (embroidery) in its costumes. Whereas in urban areas of Punjab people follow latest trends and fashion, generally they wear different styles of shalwar kameez.

What is the traditional dress of Punjab?

Men Wear

In most of the villages of Punjab, the traditional dress for Punjabi men is the straight cut Punjabi shalwar kameez, kurta and shalwar, dhoti/lacha or tehmat and kurta, Pagri (turban) and footwear include the khusa.Other Punjabi shalwar styles include the Pothohari shalwar, Multani shalwar, Dhoti shalwar and the Bahawalpuri shalwar which is very heavy and loose-fitting with many cuts and folds.In rural areas of Punjab Turban of a thin cloth is also worn especially where it is called Pagri.

Women Wear

The traditional dress for women is the colourful shalwar kameez, paranda, dupatta, khusa, or tillay wali jutti.All of these Punjabi women dress items can be embroidered to add more beauty and grace of clothing.


This is the equivalent to the modern Punjabi kurta which has side slits and is worn by ladies in the Punjab region as do gents. The kurta can be worn with a salwar, tehmat, lungi, dhoti, and jeans.

Multani Shalwar Suit

The Multani shalwar, also famous as the 'ghaire wali' or 'Saraiki ghaire wali' shalwar as it is very wide and baggy around the waist, originates from the Multan area of the Punjab region. The upper garments include the Punjabi kameez or chola of the Punjab region.

Punjabi Phulkari Kurta

A Phulkari kurta is embroidered using the Phulkari embroidery.


Embellished with jewellery and bright threads, Parandi or Paranda is a hair accessory wore by the women of Punjab. In addition to that, it also represents love when a lady receives it from her husband as a form of affection. In older times, usually women wore Parandas to enhance their beauty and make their hair look longer. Parandas come in various sizes and colours.